Accessible websites

Having an accessible website is so important for businesses to help them reach new markets, increase sales and gain competitive advantage:

  • An accessible website can increase a company’s UK market audience by more than 17%, and boosts traffic because it will be indexed more efficiently by search engines.
  • E-commerce seems relatively immune to an economic downturn, due to competitive prices, easy product comparisons, fuel savings and other convenience factors that encourage
  • Disabled people shop online. For 23% of disabled people surveyed recently, it’s the way they shop most often. (Employers’ Forum on Disability)

There are also legislative requirements driving the improvement to accessible web design.

The Equality Act 2010, The adoption of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by The United Nations, and the European Union's E-Commerce Directive all require website owners to provide accessible websites. A challenge of discrimination as a result of website not being accessible could be enough to have the website removed from the internet and a business being taken to court.

How we can help

Mary-Anne Rankin and her associates can support businesses in their wish to improve their webaccessibility in a number of ways.

Web testing

We have a panel of research associates who carry out web testing for our clients, either on a mystery shopping basis, or through regular monitoring, or by demonstrating to web developers, the issues that they face when using assistive technology, or because they are dyslexic or colour blind.

Webaccessibility training through inspirational events

We organise inspirational events which are designed to give web developers powerful and memorable insights into the issues faced by those using assistive technology to access websites. The imaginative nature of the event captures the delegates’ interest and ensures that they really understood the benefits to customers of a truly accessible website. The key to the success of this event is the involvement of disabled people as web users and motivational speakers.

Web accessibility consultants who specialise in the design of accessible websites

We can:

  • carry out audits of clients' websites against WCAG 2.0 AA
  • identify any failures the site has incurred against the guidelines, and an explanation of why this is an problem, and provide:
  • a detailed description of each accessibility issue
  • an explanation of how to rectify the problem including examples
  • suggestions on how to improve the usability of the client's website
  • a page by page break-down of accessibility issues