Training on organising inclusive events and meeting the needs of disabled participants

This training is designed to give events teams appropriate background knowledge and confidence to ensure that disabled people are not excluded from the events that they organise. A typical half day training is likely to cover:

  • What is meant by an inclusive event?
  • The implications of the Equality Act
  • What are the barriers?
  • How can these be overcome?
  • Ways of ensuring success
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of disability issues

Because Mary-Anne is herself an event manager, delegates appreciate the fact that she understand their work, the pressures they are under and the issues that they face.

Delegate material includes an access audit template and a venue planning audit to assist delegates when organising inclusive events.

Clients for whom she has provided this training include:

  • BBC
  • London Development Agency
  • Royal College of Physicians 
  • Lewis Live

Client feedback


"The feedback I had from the delegates was, as  always, very positive and your training gave our people lots to think about.

So many thanks for another great day!"

Laura Turnill, Live Group plc