Assessing the disabled customer journey

We help businesses to get more customers by ensuring that no customer is excluded by barriers in their service delivery or product design.

We work with businesses, robustly assessing and testing the disabled customer journey from end to end, looking at all the customer 'touch points' from the concept design and procurement stage to the delivery of goods and services. We look at how these are accessed using the web, contact centres, retail outlets and printed literature and the areas of employee, customer and supplier awareness.

Over the years we have developed an expert panel of approx 400 older and disabled research associates who regularly take part in mystery shopping, routine monitoring, web testing, consumer insights and product design workshops. Understanding the issues faced by older and disabled customers is critical and the findings of this research, and the invaluable insights of these customers, provides businesses with robust evidence on their current performance and improvements that need to be made.

Armed with the results, businesses are in a position to improve the disabled customer journey and gain a competitive advantage.