Learn more about our Panel

Our panel members are all profiled according to:

  • geographical location
  • age
  • gender
  • impairment
  • access issues
  • use of the internet
  • leisure interests
  • and more

This enables us to select appropriate participants for specific research projects.

We value very highly our panel members. Together they form a rare resource for organisations to tap into. Our clients find the insights that they individually and collectively provide, invaluable.

Research that we have conducted into mainstream market research companies shows that they seldom, if ever, engage with disabled people. This is either because they don't see the value in doing so, or because they lack the confidence and competence to communicate appropriately with, and meet the access needs of disabled contributors.

We have every confidence in this and ensure that all our research methodology is totally inclusive.

We are proud of the panel and they share our commitment to helping organisations to develop more inclusive customer service, products and facilities.


"What we particularly liked about working with Mary-Anne is that she has such a good relationship with her panel members - and I mean relationship - they are not just names in a database but people she knows well"

"We have used other market research agencies but have been disappointed by the disabled participants. Since we have used Mary-Anne's panel members we have had consistently good qualitative research participants"