Involvement methods can include:

  • 1:1 interviews
  • focus groups
  • customer insight workshops
  • user testing products and services
  • inclusive design workshops
  • mystery shopping
  • telephone and e-surveys
  • impact assessments
  • disabled motivational speakers

and a great favourite:

  • 'speed dating' - an  innovative approach to enabling teams to gain a real insight into issues faced by disabled people, speed dating style.


Gaining insights into the experiences of older and disabled people as customers and service users

Smart organisations want to ensure that their products and services are fully inclusive and don't exclude disabled and older people.

We passionately believe that unless businesses and service providers truly understand the barriers that older and disabled people face, they cannot, and perhaps will not, give inclusive design high priority. The Baby Boomer generation is rapidly ageing which means that the incidence of disability will increase.

We specialise in qualitative research around the multichannel user experience and have a rare resource, a panel of approx 400 research participants all of whom have access needs relating to disability, ageing, dyslexia, colour deficiency, left handedness etc. We also have  good relationships with organisations of disabled people throughout the UK which enable us to quickly engage reliable people in clients' work.

We strongly believe that corporates and other service providers that engage with older and disabled people are able to develop and deliver the most accessible services to all. Gaining powerful insights into the experiences of these people and the barriers they face when trying to access products, services and facilities, gives businesses the opportunity to remove these barriers and gain competitive advantage.

The insights of disabled customers and service users adds credibility to an organisation's values, as does using disabled people in their visual communications.

We can organise every aspect of the user engagement, identifying participants, providing accessible venues and ensuring that all aspects of the engagement, whatever its nature, are fully inclusive.

We also have the facility to use video to illustrate the issues being raised.

In addition to working with our own clients, we often work alongside other consultancies to deliver a research contract in partnership. Organisations specialising in quantitative research may lack an in depth understanding and experience of working directly with disabled people - which is where we come it.

Experience of care providers

We have considerable experience to draw on of sourcing and using domicilliary care for elderly and infirm family members.

Whilst this is personal rather than professional, our team's years of experience (good and bad) of identifying, interviewing and managing carers to look after older and vulnerable family members, is, we believe, a valuable insight which add's value to our skills and experience.



Client feedback



'The opportunity to meet with disabled people and talk to them about the services we provide....

"... was the most ‘real’ experience I have had on disability"


"... actually brought the theory to life"


"... was inspiring and eye opening"