1 in 3 people are disabled or are close to someone who is 82% of disabled customers took their business to a more accessible competitor in the last year. By seeing By 2020 half the adult population will be aged 50+ The need has never been greater to develop inclusive products and services

BIG NEWS! Mary-Anne Rankin Ltd has now merged with Open Inclusion Ltd. We are now able to offer not only the same services as always ... but more

Helping to win more customers

Open Inclusion Ltd
have until now specialised in all things digital - which we have not. By joining forces, our two like minded businesses can now offer an even wider range of services to our clients.


Our consultancy specialises in helping businesses to win, and keep, more customers. We look at how businesses anticipate and meet the needs of disabled, as well as older customers, to identify any barriers that might exclude a significant proportion of their customer base.

Our clients often come to us because they find that mainstream agencies tend to focus on mainstream customers and don't understand the value and potential of disabled and older consumers. We really understand this market and can help clients become the provider of choice to this huge consumer base.

How significant?
in the UK there are at least 12 million people who identify themselves as disabled and over 14 million people aged 60+ many of whom would deny that they are disabled but who will admit to difficulties with mobility, sight or hearing, cognitive ability.

So what to do?
We specialise in carrying out robust internal and external multi channel assessments of the disabled customer journey from end to end, identifying any barriers that may exist and recommending solutions.

We've got a panel of 400 people, all with access needs relating to disability, ageing, dyslexia, colour deficiency, etc, who are fantastic research participants. They are regularly involved in qualitative consumer research including mystery shopping, focus groups, testing out new products or customer service equipment, online or telephone surveys etc. Mainstream market research companies can be nervous about engaging with diverse groups - but we're not!

  • Are you sure you are not excluding millions of potential customers?
  • Have you evaluated your disabled customer journey?
  • Are you confident that it is fully accessible? 

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', give us a call to explore how we can help.


I'd love to hear from you - give me a call on 07717 221 490