Identifying the experience of disabled and older shoppers

A major supermarket chain wanted to be able to 'shop in their disabled and older customers' shoes'. Their objective was to gain insights into the issues that these customers faced from beginning to end of the customer journey when shopping in their stores, and to explore the multi channel customer experience.

Mary-Anne selected 12 members of her panel to take part in an accompanied shop. One by one these people were observed, interviewed and filmed as they undertook their customer journey, from arrival at the store, to completion of their shop.

A written report, and accompanying DVD provided the client with ideas which could be used across all channels of their customer service.

The insights provided by these 12 people provided the client with invaluable information on the challenges that their disabled and older customers face and suggestions as to how the experience could be improved.

The video material enabled the customer experience to be shared with all levels of management and one version of the DVD was used to train all members of store staff.