Advice on improving the customer journey and customer experience for disabled people

Good customer service requires people to think creatively about the needs of all their customers. It is almost certain that whatever you put in place to improve your service to disabled people will improve your service for all customers.

Putting in place reasonable adjustments to enable all customers to access your facilities, products or services not only avoids discriminating against some of your customers, it also tells everyone that you value all your customers.

It can also help you to win new customers and retain existing ones.

There are many quick, no-cost and low-cost changes that you can make to make your business inclusive and we can help you to make these changes.

  • 32% of disabled people reported difficulties in accessing goods or services related to their impairment or disability in 2010.  ONS Omnibus Survey 2010
  • 52% of older people agree that those who plan services don't pay enough attention to the needs of older people